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16 November, 2008

Lockout a failure

An independent report commissioned by the Victorian State Government on the effectiveness of the 2am lockout trial found an increase in reported violence and assaults over the three-month trial.

Lockout scrapped. Victorian Premier John Brumby has backed down from continuing the lockout; "We've decided as government we will not be continuing with a permanent lockout." New efforts to curb binge drinking in the CBD include more police, increasing the power of Liquor Licensing Victoria and a "time out" or "sobering up" zone.

More Police on the streets. 50 extra police officers will be on the street patrol during weekends, with 150 extra police officers to be added over Summer. A closed-circuit television (CCTV) van will also be set up and drive around the streets recording street activities in an attempt to make city streets safer.

Increasing the power of Liquor Licensing Victoria. The Director of Liquor Licensing Victoria will gain power to ban individual pubs and clubs from serving alcohol.

Time out zones to be created. Staffed by volunteer groups and offering up water, tea, coffee and the chance to lie down for a few hours.

Source: ABC News, The Age & Herald Sun