Melbourne Nightlife Blog

09 November, 2009

Party & Birthday Venues. Sorted.

myBirthdayVenue.comWe're quite happy to announce we've launched a new website to compliment Melbourne Nightlife - It's a directory listing over a hundred Melbourne function rooms, spaces and venues wanting you to share a good time with your mates - family and friends - and party away! It's got a huge variety of venues listed - bars and pubs - from all over the CBD, city surrounds, inner city haunts and even a few a bit further out.

myBirthdayVenue also allows you to filter through the listings based on your requirements - so if you know how many guests you're planning on having and/or have a budget in mind, it can make it easier to get you to the venues that would be best suited for your celebration. Once you've got a shortlist of potential places you can contact the event managers directly via the website. We like to think of as the easiest way to find your next birthday venue.

We've also added some articles to help with birthday planning, speech writing and even fundraising at bars - and possibly the best news of all is that it's absolutely free to use. It's not high pressure either, you can choose to contact the venue mangers at any stage - but many common questions (from Saturday night exclusive pricing to minimum spend to if you can play your iPod or bring a band) have already been answered, so you know straight-up if a venue hosts private functions and is in your price-range or not.

A time-saving tip from us: You don't have to call or travel all over Melbourne to find your perfect b'day venue, after you've got a cut-down list of potential venues you can cut-and-paste your questions to save even more time and simply wait for the event managers to respond directly to your email inbox! Easy!

Oh well, we hope you like myBirthdayVenue! We've certainly put a bit of effort in to trying to make it easier to celebrate your next event. :)