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19 May, 2008

New Bar: Siglo Bar

Michael Harden reports in Epicure on the latest trend of Melbourne's bars - balcony bars. With the introduction of Victoria's new smoking laws they seem to be popping up in increasing frequency. In particular he has a look at Siglo Bar, next to the Princess Theatre on Spring Street, Melbourne. "This rooftop watering hole has literally and metaphorically raised the bar." Click here to read the full review.

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Nanseikan said...

Went to Siglo last night and feel I should warn punters of their v.strange seating policy.

The staff are strict about not allowing furniture to be moved on the deck. So you can only sit in groups of 4-6 ppl. That seems fine, but then it gets weird.

If you tell them you are expecting a large group, they will not let you sit down at all, but literally make you stand in a corner away from their lovely views.

So be warned, if you are meeting up with people, don't let the staff know. Just pretend it was a conincidence and they might just let you sit.