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06 October, 2008

Look out for your drunk friends

I can't say I've ever read the Jamaica Gleaner before, but Angela Philipps seems to have written up a nice article for young women considering another alcohol-fuelled night on the town. So good, I'm going to give you a fairly large chunk of the article here in the hope you you click through to read it in its entirity...

"It's not my intention to tell all you single lasses out there that you must absolutely never drink alcohol, nor do I want to frighten you about what it can make you do if you consume more than you are able to handle. What I really mean to say is that you should be aware of the feelings it can give you. If you're not used to it, then start by sharing the experience with a small collection of close friends.

When you're ready to be on the party scene, make a pact with them all that each of you will be looking out for one another. Try and be the voice of reason for the one who looks as if she might get into a bit of trouble. Alcohol might be blurring her vision, but don't let it blur yours!"

Click here for the complete article

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