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24 April, 2008

Drinking buddies found

After the successful promotion of a job offer to drink beer with his lonely dad, Mike Hammond and his father have managed to find two eligible drinking buddies. The lucky pair are Trevor Pugh, 78, who will take home £7 an hour for his services twice a week and Henry Rosenvinge, 58, who has offered to meet once a week for free.

Mike appears to happy about the situation, saying: "Ideally, he wanted me to take him out seven nights a week, but as much as I love going for a pint with him I can only manage a couple of nights. He'll now be going several times a week - three with his new friends and twice with me."

When asked if his dad was happy, he said: "As people get older, they don't show their emotions as much. He's not showing he's happy, but before he was showing me he was miserable. He's not doing that any more and to me, that's well worth it."

Source: Guardian & Times

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