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10 August, 2008

New Reviews: Melbourne's Alley Bars

I like stumbling across venue reviews, I especially like stumbling across a trove of venue reviews I haven't seen before - and thanks to my recent discovery of the blog Alley Life I'm quite happy with my erratic web browsing (or virtual stumbling, as I sometimes prefer to call it). Macca and Rob are the hosts at the blog Alley Life, and aim to "expose the secrets of the vibrant Melbourne night life to residents and visitors". Here is a selection of their top rated bars:

1806 (Exhibition Street, CBD)
"There are many ways to draw a crowd into a bar, cheap drinks, food, nights for the 'ladies', 1806's hook is to offer patrons the ability to try cocktails from the first known use of the word..." Click here for the full review by Macca.

Cookie (Swanston Street, CBD)
"Cookie is an experience that certainly must be had and is without a doubt one of my favorite bars in Melbourne, especially for the extensive beer list..." Click here for the full review by Macca.

Seamstress (Lonsdale Street, CBD)
"I like to think of myself as a bloke, so when presented with the idea of going to Seamstress I was a bit sceptical. I spent the time working out how a cocktail bar based around sewing could work. However upon entering the colourful cocktail bar on the 2nd floor, I wondered why I had been weirded out so much..." Click here for the full review by Macca.

Murmur (Warburton Lane, CBD)
"This small cocktail bar hidden away off Little Bourke Street is well worth a visit for their menu, which is real experience for the taste buds..." Click here for the full review by Macca.

Robot (Bligh Place, CBD)
"On nights when Robot isn’t busy, this tiny bar will successfully export you from the inner city of Melbourne to the streets of Tokyo." Click here for the full review by Macca.

They've currently got 16 reviews on their website and I reckon all of 'em warrant a look. Alley Life.

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