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18 March, 2008

Alcohol advertising under scrutiny

In a five page article for The Age, Julian Lee shows parallels between the current alcohol industry facing advertising restrictions and the tobacco industry of the past. He argues that the alcohol industry denying the link between alcohol advertising and binge drinking is similar to the tobacco industry denying the link between tobacco advertising and cancer.

The article also highlights how Bluetongue Brewery deliberately broke the alcohol industry's self-appointed code on appropriate advertising - as they were not a signatory to the code and were not using television to display their ad for Bondi Blonde. The advertisement in question was accessible on the product's website for two months after it was requested to be removed and continues to be shown on YouTube. It shows the consumption of alcohol whilst engaging in sport and creates a clear connection between consuming Bondi Blonde and having sexual success.

The Bondi Blone ad (

Source: The Age

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