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12 March, 2008

Why do people want to get pissed?

In an article heavy on expert opinions, The Age, gives us the views of Professor John Fitzgerald, VicHealth senior research fellow at Melbourne University, who claims his research hasn't nailed one pivotal question: "Why do people want to get pissed?"

It goes on to talk to:
Kate Roffey, VicSport chief executive
Dr Con Stavros, a senior marketing lecturer at RMIT who is a member of the reference group for the Australian Drug Foundation's community alcohol action network
Rob Moodie, professor of global health at the Melbourne University's Nossal Institute
Brendon Gale, AFL Players Association chief executive
Michael Sholly, chief executive of the Victorian Amateur Football Association
Professor Robin Room, a world authority on alcohol policy and acting director of Turning Point Alcohol and Drug Centre
Dr Simon Crisp, a clinical adolescent psychologist from Monash University
David Murray, Youth Substance Abuse Service chief executive

And concludes with this in the second last paragraph:
"One of the major issues alcohol experts believe exacerbates health and social problems is the proliferation of liquor licences. In Victoria there have been two licences granted every day for the past 20 years. Recent research confirmed the link between licences and violence, indicating that every new bottle shop opened in a rural area will lead to 32 assaults, and each new pub in the city will spark 17 domestic violence cases."

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