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18 March, 2008


The British press are trying to coin a new term for an increasingly common social trend where people skip meals to drink more alcohol whilst maintaining the same calorie intake. They claim dietitians believe there is a link between binge drinking and eating disorders, and it is becoming increasingly prevelant in young people in New York and Britan.

From The Independent:
"The link between alcohol misuse and eating disorders is not a new one. Experts have known about this for more than 40 years", said Ann Fennell, a specialist dietitian in eating disorders. "But we also know that the incidence of anorexia is greater now than it has ever been, and that binge drinking is on the rise. Given that both alcoholism and anorexia have a shared emotional heritage, it's reasonable to speculate about a link", she said.

From the Daily Mail:
Louise Noble, chief dietician at the Berkshire Healthcare Trust, said there was huge pressure on women at university to drink and also look thin. "In my experience, many young women will find the only way they can cope with both is to drink rather than eat, to substitute alcohol for food," she said. ... "I am seeing more girls who want to know how they can cut down their food intake to allow themselves to drink." ... The lack of food in their system ensures they get drunk quicker and raises the risk of them passing out – with all the dangers that entails.

Source: The Independent, Telegraph & Daily Mail

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