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16 March, 2008

You can stop the music

Melbourne bars and pubs will have to consider their usage of licensed music after the Federal Court has upheld a decision by the Copyright Tribunal to allow over a 1400% increase in fees that need to be paid by nightclub owners to musicians and record labels. The price a licensed venue owner pays will rise from the previous seven cents to $1.05 (in 2011) per person for every patron allowed into the venue. The Phonographic Performance Company of Australia (PPCA) will stage the increased fees over a period of five years. The current rate is now $0.51 per person, and CPI increases will also apply.

Dance parties have a special rate of $3.07 for each person that attends, and this rate will not be phased in.

Source: PPCA, Federal Court Verdict [PDF] & Australian Financial Review

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