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25 March, 2008

Cigarette-like warning labels for alcohol

There has been increased media speculation in the last week about the possibility of cigarette-style warning labels on alcohol. From Federal Health Minister Nicola Roxon wanting "an examination of whether warning labels will be effective or not" (ABC Online), to the Queensland Premier and deputy Opposition Leader backing the plan. Anna Bligh, Premier or Queensland, was quoted by the ABC saying "I think the idea of a warning label on alcohol is a very good one".

Paul Dillon from Drug and Alcohol Research and Training Australia took a counter approach to the issue, saying the community wouldn't feel comfortable "having a meal at a restaurant [and seeing] a rotting liver on the side of their bottle of red".

While the People's Alcohol Action Coalition said the warning label changes are welcome, but would not have a major impact on reducing teen binge drinking like an increase in taxes would. Whereas David Murray, executive director of the Youth Substance Abuse Service, would also like to increase taxes and enforce bans on alcohol-related television advertising.

The only certainty is that most of these ideas will be discussed at the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) meeting in Adelaide, tomorrow.

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